Our Latest Breeding Arena Videos

Junior Party

Its been a lovely week so far at the Movibez Breeding Arena capped with a party for the children.

Movibez Breeding Arena Day 7 Band Practice

Its been a lovely week so far at the Movibez Breeding Arena and the bands are working on their harmony and fine-tuning their melody with their instructors. These are some highlights of two of the bands practicing a song assigned to them to help them build on the rudiments that they have learnt.

Medical Class - Day 6

The Medical Team took the children through a practical session of fixing the dummy organs in the dummy human sample. This activity helped them to learn the parts of the body and where they can be located.

Music - Day 6

We are almost a week into the Movibez Breeding Arena and the Music Bands are beginning to take shape and form. The tutors have done a lot of work and the children have taken the initiative to practice and are producing coherence.

Simi on the piano

Simi is attending the Movibez Breeding Arena as a junior for the 2nd year and these are some o the his highlights as he practices and continues to hone his abilities on the keyboard.

Sports Time, always fun - Day 4

The Movibez Breeding Arena is in its 4th Day and these are the highlights of the sporting activities that took place on what was an exciting day

Parade - Day 4

These children were being put through their paces by the camp commandant on Day 4 as he took them through Morning Drills

ICT Day 3

It is day three at the Movibez Breeding Arena and the children are involved in the development of Robots using Cubelets. Join in on the adventure.

Day Two - Game Time

We had games today and it was awesome! Check the highlights

Medical Class

It is Day Two at the Movibez Breeding Arena 2019 and the Medical class commenced in earnest as the children were taken through introductions to vital aspects of the body by Doctor Omosun.

X-Ray Class

The children Understanding who they really are.

Day 1 Parade

Movibez Breeding Arena 2019 commenced with the children having some time with the camp officials on the parade ground.

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