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I got more than the tip from the iceberg.

Having Ajoke in 2019 Movibez Breeding Arena is quite awesome and lovely.

Even though this is her first time in a place like this, nothing has been very pleasant like Movibez Breeding Arena.

I guess you wanna know what makes the Arena pleasant to her right?

Okay now let's go, things she expects and things not expected are basically what Movibez has to offer. She said- my expectation was to be more developed in my guitar skills but fortunately, I got more than the tip from the iceberg.

Here are more highlights, "my ability to play the guitar is becoming better because I've been 

taught new and simpler methods of handling the guitar". Well, little did she know that at Movibez breeding arena, miracles do happen, Oh yea, let's leave that for another day.

Amongst other things she has gotten from the Arena, includes- how to keep fit and become more healthy. 

Ajoke and her group assembled a security patrol car cubelet in the ICT class.

However, we've seen radical changes and development in her and that's what makes us glad.

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  1. It is awesome having her at this year camp and i found her very humble and down to earth , she relates like she has known you for years,

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