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My expectations were met

Desirés expectations for this year's Breeding Arena was really high due to her other experiences in the previous Movibez camp and she confessed that her expectations were met. Although her first few days were basically an adjustment period for her. As the timetable was very different from her usual routine before the camp.

Morning drills have quite been interesting for her and she's really having fun with herself. We noticed she's now more mature to pick up the challenging activities of the Arena.

In x-ray classes, she has come to the knowledge that God's desire for man is to live a balanced life in spirit, soul and body.  The advantage of being balanced is a big reality because it allows her to hear God clearly.  In medical class, she has learnt that excess intake of sugar has a negative effect on her body and she's been enlightened on the safer and healthier alternatives to sugar.

In the music class, she has learnt how to play the bass guitar, though not perfect because she's in her learning stage but right now she has successfully achieved her expectations in learning the bass guitar.

However, she has also learnt how to relate better with others and she has come to believe that her knowledge is limited in comparison with the amount of knowledge she can gather from others. Also she saw the need to socialize, communicate with people for her benefit and the benefit of others. Desire has made lot’s of new friends at the Arena and we can affirm that.  Her new friends include Somto, Tofunmi, Emilia, Abo, Nifemi, Ebun, Charles and others.

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  1. Kemi LekeBamtefa8/19/2019 9:38:27 AM

    Good morning All. Special thanks to the Movibez Team.? Every Camp year is Unique and mind boggling. You burst our brains every year back to back. This is a Vision we are happy to tap into, we consider ourselves blessed to be part of this Resourceful Community. TODIMU and DESIRE have both promised to shine the Resource light everywhere they set their foot on. Thank you once again and May the good lord continue to strengthen and protect Yungmann and the entire Movibes crew. AMEN

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